I am going to go a little off topic today and I hope that you will indulge me. Usually the content on this page is about my life, my joys and my family.

But I want to share about my friend Kay. We have known each other for about 10 years, through both working at Westjet. But like with most professional relationships, we didn’t know each other well. I knew very little about her home life. Perhaps she knew little about mine. Still Kay showed up filled with kindness and joy with a quiet gentleness that I always admired.

Fast forward to March of 2018. My world has vastly changed. I am standing on the precipice looking down on the darkest abyss I could ever have imagined and wondering how I will survive such a fall.

In walks Kay. She worked a shift the previous morning that began her day at 330. After a full day, she took a plane that stopped in Calgary before landing in Kamloops at 1130 pm. Renting her car, she dove the 45 mins up to Sun Peaks and checked into her hotel. At 830 the next day, she walks alone into the command Center and signs in for a full day of Searching.
That was amazing in and of itself. But she dedicated her days off to search for Ryan as a gift. You see her beautiful son, so full of promise passed away at the age of 24. Each year since his passing, she has honoured him by performing an act of kindness in his name. 2018 was searching for my son on Danny’s anniversary.

Today marks another year that has passed and she continues to shine light and create a legacy her son would be incredibly proud of.

It is sometimes the smallest things without thought that yield the most impact.

So I as for a favour. If you are able to, please shower this world with a little love and kindness in the name of Danny.

A young man forever missed and infinitely loved