Scott tells me today is National Dog day.

Now I don’t want to place too much importance of every holiday that passes. There will many firsts that we will have to experience.

Scott’s Birthday, Ryan’s birthday and then mine coming this week. Too many I suppose.

But Ryan would love today. He loves his puppies.

Maximilian Bartholomew Scruffy Shtuka was our very first puppy. Scott won on a lottery ticket and decided to surprise Ryan and Jordyn with a puppy. Now you will never know the value of such a gift unless you knew that my husband is allergic to most dogs.

The look on their faces will be a cherished memory.

We described Max as 75% cocker spaniel, 25 % bichon and 100 % handsome.

Max passed away 3 years ago suddenly and we swore that we would never get another dog. We are busy, active and selfish people. Dogs don’t play into our now grown up lifestyle. 🙄

So … A month later, Ryan did some research and was quite insistent that we needed to go “take a look” at this puppy.

Imagine “Mom, mom, mom, mother’ mother’ Heather, Heather, mom, mommeeeeee”

Yep we went to look. Honestly at that point, I was considering sawing my own ears off to gain peace.

Let’s not discuss the fact that my son was 18. If he annoyed me greatly at that age… it will be a pretty good indication of his early years. Stubborn boy.

Off we went and came home with Oscar Alfonzo Bruce Shtuka.

I want to tell you his parentage but I’m afraid his mother may have stepped out during her pregnancy. He doesn’t appear to be a shih Tzu, Lhasa apso, and terrier. But we made no judgements.

So now my house is filled with dog hair and scooby Doo barks. And Ryan loved him. If I wanted to get an immediate response from him, I just sent Oscar pictures.

So while Oscar is waiting here for Ryan’s return, a part of me finds comfort in knowing that Max is waiting for my son to play catch. @ Sun Peaks Resort