Yesterday was bittersweet.

With all the turmoil surrounding my company, 6900 peers and colleagues were laid off. Some chose to voluntarily leave, some accepted reduced hours and some chose to take a Leave of absence.

And for some like me; an early retirement.

10 years ago, I started with Westjet. At that time, I considered myself the most luckiest of people. I was chosen among thousands of others to join a company and do a job I was so passionate about. I still am and I still do consider myself lucky.

I always knew my retirement date. I just never thought I would leave until they rolled me out the front door.

I started my career as a Customer Service Agent and before long, I advocated and was awarded the position of a Training Liaison. I loved being one of the first faces new employees would see upon coming to our base. That I could share my passion for our company and give our onboards all the tools necessary to do the best job possible.

Then I was given the opportunity to become a Guest Service Manager. With a supportive team, I was able to expand my knowledge, my leadership and managerial skills. Even the early mornings, late evenings, 12 hour shifts and spending holidays away from the family did nothing to deter my passion and joy.

February 17th, 2018 was the beginning of the end for me. The things I had loved were no longer as important to me. They no longer defined who I was to become.
I cannot blame Ryan. So much of me had changed, some good and some tragic but I believe always in a way to push me forward.

My time at Westjet gave me so many skills.
Perhaps, in time, I will be able to draw upon them in another way that spurs a new passion.

My wish is for that all those that continue to be part of the Westjet team, whether it is a temporary leave or on the ground fighting for another day, they remember the passion and joy they had upon receiving the news that they were chosen.