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A life worthy always leaves behind those that love and grieve.

You watch your children grow and hope they thrive and succeed. You weather the storm of childhood and the teenage years. You rejoice in the adult stages that should bring so much growth and wisdom.

Our parents have lived through all these milestones with Scott and I. Now they watch us suffer and they grieve so.

What can they do? They don’t know how to help us just as we don’t know how to help our son.

They want to wrap us in their arms and take this all away. I wish they could, if only for just a moment.

A grandparent is meant to spoil and cherish, to teach and to value. From sleepovers to marathon weekends of World of Warcraft. From hunting to movie dates, our parents have done all this and more.

We have been so lucky to have a supportive extended family that have shaped our children into people that can contribute to society.

I always thought: I wish I could be as lucky as them; to be their age and to have all my children healthy and safe.

We never imagined that we would be where we are now.

Parents without their child, grandparents without their grandchild.

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