Heather’s Blog

I’m not going to lie…. Ryan was the centre of everyone’s universe for 3 whole years. He revelled in the love and attention that he received. Who could blame him?

Until suddenly all that changed, a beautiful baby girl was born. Big blue eyes and white blond hair. She was and still is a wonder.

Ryan in his 3 year old self was fairly magnanimous in accepting new baby Ava into the fold.

I am also pretty sure that when his new baby sister Jordyn came 10 1/2 weeks later, his generosity ended.

Two babies squealing, hair pulling, and gumming up his toys was too much.

You could see the gleam in his eyes as they grew older and fought over My Littlest Pony and Pet Shop toys. He was such a monkey, he would instigate the fights and sit back and grin.

Then along came Carson. If babies must come, then a boy would be welcome. A cousin that looked up to him, followed him around and that would be an automatic playmate. And Ryan was lucky, he got a perfect companion for that. Except when Carson followed him around (go figure) and messed up his lego or bionicoles.

8 and 9 years after his singular entry into this family, he was resigned to the fact that he would not be alone. Good thing because along came Julianna and Reid.

Our two families were complete. We went on our ways. We lived in the same town but with such busy schedules, we saw each other occasionally.

I thought that was normal maybe even enough.

But as my niece celebrates her 18th birthday today, I realize that being part time families are not enough.

Scott and I have the pleasure of being related to an amazing, intelligent and kind woman. You are destined to do wonderful things.

Ryan would be so proud.

Happy Birthday. @ Sun Peaks Resort