“ Growth begins when we begin to accept our own weakness.” ~ Jean Vanier

But with this growth comes an interminable strength. To allow the waves of weakness to wash over you and remembering you are more than the storm that surrounds you. To have the patience and the passion to withstand the messy parts of growth knowing that what evolves is better than what was left behind.

You, my dear friend are growing; more beautiful with each passing day.

Never in a lifetime could I have imagine meeting someone such as you; full of love and grace, steeled and courageous. I thank Ryan for this blessing. For you. All those quiet moments when you just listened and hugged me. All those days that you knew I needed to search, you were down the steep bank first. All the love you heaped on me and my own with a fierce mind and a healing touch.

Oh yes, I needed you. And will be forever grateful that my new life will always have you in it.

Happy Birthday love.

I adore you.