I wrote this once:
Our lives are made up of a series of moments. If you are lucky, you will have hundreds even thousands of them. There will be small moments. Mundane ones that you won’t recognize is a moment until you are in it. There will be big moments. Life changing ones. Those moments that make you reevaluate all that came before and all that will come after. Each moment is precious. Hold it’s value for it will not come again.

That is the thing about memories, precious to have and sometimes hard to remember.

I am trying so hard to capture all my memories of Ryan and scared I will miss one.
Last night we went as a family on a sleigh ride. As much as our focus is on finding Ryan, we want to make sure our beautiful strong and amazing daughters also have good memories in the days to come. Let it not just be tragedy.
It was hard. Oh I am sure that Ryan probably would have rolled his eyes and ask why. “ why do we have to do that?” “ why do I have to come?”
I also know that as he moved on in his life our family memories would have changed. They would not happen so frequently.

I just thought I would have more time.
Cause I tell you right now, I would remember every little second of it.

Today the dogs finished, but Scott and I will not give up. We begin again tomorrow. @ Sun Peaks Resort