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Music soothes the tired soul….

The first concert I ever took Ryan to was Marianas Trench. He was 13.

Well honestly, if we were to really go back, it might have been Bear in the Big Blue House, but my selective memory will appeal to Ryan more.

They were his favorite band. I remember the look of disbelief followed by expectant excitement the moment he found out that he and I were going. Always the tough part is doing something for your children that you are unsure you will actually like. But for this, I will unabashedly admit…I am a fan.

I think there is something wonderful in the maturing of your children. So many times, we as parents, deal with the unpleasant and disciplinary actions of raising children. To find a common interest and watch it grow is a beautiful thing. More often ignored for the ordinary until it is a passing memory.

For Scott it was hunting and hockey.

For me it was soccer and music.

And then, he developed different tastes. Pink Floyd, Bon Jovi, and surprisingly a huge love of the Beatles. Posters lined his walls along with the requisite scantily clad women. Throw in deer antlers and I’m out. I’m a woman of cosmopolitan tastes but even that was too much.

When he met Juliana, he discovered an interest in Country music. Big Valley Jamboree made for a memorable weekend. Of course I can only guess from the pictures. I feel like I probably wouldn’t have approved.

Everything about him grew, matured and developed. It was so gradual that I didn’t recognize it until it was fully entrenched and completely him.

Even now, someone will tell me a story or a memory of Ryan that takes me aback. Some parts feel familiar like a remembering of who he is. Other parts are like revealing a new person, much like unwrapping a present.

There is such joy in not knowing everything about my son. It means that I have so much more to learn.

It is as soothing as the music we both listened to and loved.

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