Heather’s Blog

Saying Goodbye never gets easier, I think.

Today I watched as Gerry and Sharon left for their summer in Florida. After 7 1/2 weeks of continuous searching, Gerry is finally getting a break. But if I know him like I think I do, the drive down might be the only rest he takes. They have done so much and been such a big part of our life here, I am glad that adventure awaits them elsewhere.

But my biggest tears fell for Coco.

I have decided that everyone needs a Coco in their life. Someone that is so kind, loving and truly funny. Someone that has the ability to comfort and connect with others. Someone that is strong and gentle all in one breath of being.

Someone that makes you feel like you are home.

Coco is a wonderful wife, daughter and Auntie. But I think her biggest relationship will be the one with her sister. Never have I seen two people that love and care for each other more. They have spent their lives building each other up and being this amazing support system.

I know this to be true by the way Coco loved all of us here.

Her friendship is loyal and fierce. I have known Coco for years but only on the periphery. We met through our good friends and then again with her beautiful sister Michelle.

She came Tuesday February 20th and stayed for eight days. Every day she set out with her husband Gord in miserable temperatures and searched. Every night, she came to me with tears in her eyes and heartbrokenly said. “ We didn’t find him”. And the next day, do it again.

When she left, we said our goodbyes reluctantly. I was grateful and sad. But it was time for her to go.

Coco came back March 16th and stayed until today. It wasn’t planned but she knew that for this small amount of time, I needed her desperately. Not just to search but for everything else she offered.

The funny thing is, she thinks she stayed for herself. I don’t think she knows just how wonderful she is.

As we stood there and said our goodbyes…. we stared at each other heartbroken through our tears. I am so very grateful and I am so very sad. But I know it was time for her to go.

Goodbyes are the hardest because they feel like so many things are left unspoken or undone.

I have come to realize that some goodbyes are not for ever.

But I hate them anyways..