The sweetest sounds to mortals given

Are heard in Mother, Home, and Heaven.

~William Goldsmith Brown

At times, I feel more apart from these words then I would ever have thought.

So far from home, missing the one person that would make the family complete again. Like there is a puzzle piece that is gone and although the picture still looks beautiful, it will never be perfect.

And yet crystals that are shattered into a million pieces still hold a form and can shine.

So we will persevere.

I don’t suppose it is easy to guess that I love traditions.

Normally Mother’s Day begins with breakfast in bed with my favorite Stuffed Apple Raspberry French Toast. The children proudly present their homemade gifts. I feel special and loved.

The grandmas come over later for a dinner cooked by Papa. Decadent and planned by us women.

One year, Ryan found himself grounded. Yes even on Mother’s Day. He begged all day and during dinner to be allowed to go out after supper. The sun was warm and the sounds of kids playing was like a siren sound.

This year, Papa had made Paella filled with seafood. Normally not a fan favorite for Ry.

“Mom please!” came the fervent plea again. “Absolutely love, if you eat this baby octopus” I replied with a certain malicious grin. Even I won’t eat something that grotesque. I never counted on his desperation. In goes the octopus. The look of sheer revulsion stays with me now. He tried to swallow. I will give him that. Then up he ran, to the patio door, and out came his dinner.

Well I will never win Mother of the Year award. That year anyways. I laughed until I cried.

I let him go out. His desire was stronger then my will.

Of course this year was different.

Brunch out followed by an afternoon at the lake paddle-boarding. It was lovely and peaceful.

See we shattered but still we shine.

Mother, Home and Heaven.

I weep at the words but it is not only with sadness. There is joy as well.

@ Sun Peaks Resort