Caution. Proceed with care.

Some people might say such words about me and they may be right. But no, this story isn’t about me.

Every year for the past 15, we have packed up this night and headed to our lake for the weekend. We have never missed a year. Not one.

It is opening weekend. Everyone at their sites, the sounds of us neighbors shaking off the long winter blues and greeting each other. The children excitedly catching up on months past. Now I suppose, it is redundant due to our busy social media accounts. Dirty leaves brushed off decks and patio chairs set out.

First things first, the kids always used to run to the lake to “check it out”.

The first day of my favorite season and where we spent most of our weekends until September long. What I loved most was this sense of innocence that we have long lost. My three would run out first thing in the morning , come back for snacks or lunch or dinner and eventually stagger back for bed.

Friends would be brought. Fun would be had. Constant for Ryan was Danny and Manny. Brothers and steadfast friends. They also were the source of our terrible reputation.

Let me be clear … none of this is my fault.


It’s Saturday and I have already blown through $300.00 in groceries. Growing boys hardly describes the pace at which they consume food. We decide to take the boys on the boat tubing to slow the consumption of eating. Frankly we can ill afford it.

As I comment on the speed and boringness of Scott’s driving, he hits a wave. Up fly all 3 boys. Down they come. Manny pops up. He’s ok. Ryan head bobs above the water and yells “Dany bit me”. And then there is Dany. I can see his 10 year face and as handsome as he is, his front teeth are now sticking straight up. This is a problem.

Ryan “ Whoah ..dude that’s bad”. I quickly interject , “ No no, it’s not bad. Honestly”. I’m not sure he believed my lying face. I have perfected that look since. Now I must take them to the hospital..and an emergency dentist.

Despite our auspicious beginning, Dany comes back to the lake. A move I will later regret. The boys proudly display the war wounds and then proceed to play mantracker. Through the boat launch marsh complete with geese feces. If you are thinking… infection in the foot, you would be right.

Sunday begins with hot temperatures. Ryan is feeling a wee bit flushed but still game to play. “ Sunscreen “ my new favorite word echos throughout the campground. At night, Ryan is experiencing a mild fever and Dany is complaining of sore shoulders. Manny is ok. Cue Monday. By now Ryan is full fledge sick, foot throbbing. Dany says his shoulders are hot. Upon examination, he has not only glued teeth but bubbling blisters where he didn’t quite remember to put sunscreen on.

The weekend is officially over. To be honest, I am completely surprised the boys were ever allowed back. But they were. However, our neighbours suggested having guests at our place sign waivers. Why? Well there might be more stories.

I tell you this in hopes that as the long weekend approaches, that you all take care. Be safe.

My greatest wish would for us all to be at the lake. Whole and complete. As you now know, life offers no such guarantees.