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The soothing sound of water. Tendrils of steam curling and rising. Candles flickering softly, warm and comforting.

“Mum … mum…mummmmmmmm… whatcha doing in there? Can I tell you a story? It’s just a small one. Mummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”

And that is why, young mothers never take baths.

We show up disheveled and chaotic with pieces of food sticking to our backs where little hands have gripped tightly. We grin brightly as we try to follow grown up conversation. Nodding our heads like we listening to foreign tongues speaking strange languages.

Ahhh the woes of those early days.

I remember you well.

Waiting desperately for Scott to come home from work. I am not quite sure who was more anxious for the days end, Ryan or myself. Like a puppy sitting at the window with my tail ready to furiously wag at the sight of the red truck coming into the drive.

“ Daddy’s home! Daddy’s home!!!!!”

I am not ashamed to say that high pitched squealing came from me.

Nighttime routine was Scott’s time. From the moment he walked in through the door until 730 pm he was on the go. And he did so with such gladness.

Bath time was their favorite time together. I could hear giggles all the way downstairs. There was colored crayons that marked the tub, dinosaurs littering the floor and cars resting on soap bars. Make believe adventures were nightly affairs. I loved that about Scott. I was more about getting the kids in, washed up and out. On to the next task. He made baths fun and child like.

At the end, always and each night was the same. “ Daddy…. can you make me a dinosaur egg?”

“Sure Ry”.

Scott would then wrap a big towel around Ryan, with another covering his head. Carrying him to the bed, wet towels soaking the comforter and tucking his feet in so that he was completely covered.

“I’m cracking.”

And like a baby dinosaur, he would break free of of the shell of towels. Each night a new dinosaur emerged. Cheeks flushed and eyes bright.

I may not have liked bath time routines but I loved that moment.

I look each day at the snow; hard and crusty. White like an egg.

“ Ryan, it’s okay to crack out now, baby boy. Time to go.

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