Who am I?

I am sundresses and flip flops. Summer warmth and never ending sunshine.

I am sarcastic, flirty, and opinionated. I tell people that I am dynamic (sounds nicer). I am empathic and sensitive to those around me.

Who am I?

I am winter bred, layered in snowsuits and cumbersome boots. I can probe and shovel with grim determination. I am a crier, numb with fear and grief and a soother of sorrowful hearts.

Who am I?

I am a hiker, clad in all terrain boots and walking sticks. I climb mountains, fierce and proud.

I am practical with a steel heart that can separate the painful from the joyful. I have a strength that is unrecognizable but deeply seeded in my being.

I am a source of contradictions. Brave and flawed. Hopeful and realistic. Some days more and some days less then who I wish to be. And I’m okay with that.

Who will I be?

I am content to not knowing the path in which my life will now take me. I have to be. The curves in the road come upon me and catch me unaware. No one can brace themselves for all that is to come. Good or bad. I have just learned to hold on tight.

Lest you worry that only tragedy can transform who you are, don’t be. I think it is your connectivity to others, your investment in yourself, your loved ones and your community that will continually form your character.

Who was my son?

The best of both Scott and I perhaps. But I believe, from all of you, that he was so much more.

It is a season of change.