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What do you want to be when you grow up?

Everyone asks and most don’t know. Such a heavy decision.

As a young girl, I had heady dreams of what my life would look like. Reality is so much harsher.

Scott always knew, I think. He likes working with his hands, building and constructing. One of his greatest qualities and one I take such comfort in, is his ability to find solutions, no matter the difficulty. I suppose one could argue, that this will be the first time he can’t. But this isn’t his to fix.

I, on the other hand, had no idea.

I went to university to become a high school teacher. I did a bit of substitution and didn’t love it. So instead, I went to college and took Early Childhood Education. Not for me either. I did payroll management and then stayed home to raise my kids. It’s not that I was flighty, I just couldn’t find my passion. It wasn’t until I went to work for WestJet that I discovered something I loved to do. Teaching and travel; what could be better? It filled my heart.


Before this.

Before Ryan.

Now I wonder…what will stir my passion? Will anything?

Ryan often dreamed of being an archeologist. If not that, then a zookeeper. If not that, maybe working with Daddy.

I used to sit and watch him as a baby and wonder “ How extraordinary. You can be anything”.

It wasn’t the actualizing that is important, after all. It lies within the dreaming. The moment you dream, you believe you can do what otherwise might seem impossible.

How beautiful is that?

I regret that we won’t see what Ryan would choose to be, when he finished exploring life.

But what you are is so much less important then who you are.

And for that, my son, you were everything you were meant to be.

And more.

@ Sun Peaks Resort