Heather’s Blog

I remember the first time we met.

Ryan and Lexie were in grade one. It was the end of the year and Bike Safety day. Funny considering how much we volunteered that we didn’t meet before. 3 year old Jordyn discovered Katie and that was it. Fast friends. Well sure the two girls loved each other but I am talking more about the two of us.

We have survived Hot Lunch duties, grade 4 parent dance performance (High School musical ), stitches, year end camping trips that challenged our thighs and our souls along with all those family trips.

We loved cruises, Donkey and Poodle’s European vacation and New York. All adventures.

We pushed ourselves to do Mud Hero. And endured.

We have done it all. Together.

The only time I have been less in love with you was the Grade 8 French Immersion trip. I am not sure how I got stuck with 6 thirteen year old boys the entire time while you enjoyed lattes in beautiful Montreal cafes with quiet mild mannered girls but it happened. Never have I wanted to drink so much. You looked fresh and well rested. No I am not quite over it.

Have you ever been mocked by teenage boys for your atrocious French accent? It took at least one bottle of wine to erase those memories.

And every year since we met, we have gone for dinner on our birthdays. Today will be no exception.


My most beautiful friend, you gave up time spent at home on your birthday to come back to search. Again.

You came Day One. I am not sure I could have survived those first few hours without my friends. You love me…and you love Ryan like he was your own.

I know you so well….. and what your birthday wish will be.

Love you Tianna.

@ Sun Peaks Resort