Missing From Me

Heather Shtuka - Author

Recounting the case of her son Ryan’s disappearance in an idyllic Canadian ski town, Heather Shtuka takes the reader from her role of parent to search and rescue coordinator through to missing-person advocate, inviting us on her journey to bring her son home.

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I was impressed by this very well written, moving and heartfelt account of love and loss. Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on December 28, 2022 Verified Purchase The author Heather Shutka lets the reader better understand how devastating it is to have a son vanish overnight! Heather has written a masterful account of all the emotions she and her family have experienced since that ‘life altering event’ occurred. Anyone who has suffered a traumatic loss could identify with the feelings Heather evokes. It is interesting to read about the methods and strategies employed by the professionals in their search for Heather’s son Ryan. The reader definitely feels how much family friends and communities contribute in helping Heather in the ongoing search. Their love and dedication keep the movement going. I highly recommend this book.