My brother is incredibly eloquent and heartfelt.

What an amazing idea.

On Christmas Eve we will be out ringing bells at 600pm. Ryan, where ever you are, know that you, and all missing persons are loved and missed everyday. Hear our sound, feel our love and know your value. For everyone that is missing from us in whatever that form takes.

Let’s all ring our bells.

Let love shine through!

“It has been a while since I last posted anything to Ryan’s page. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of Ryan, even more so now that Covid-19 has forced many of us into self isolation. As another Christmas season quickly approaches, I think of Heather, Scott and my nieces and the emptiness that Ryan’s disappearance has caused. For the past 2 years we have attended a service here in Edinburgh for Missing People Scotland, but with our area in Lockdown yet again, that service will be carried out virtually. I will miss those people that we have gotten to know over these past couple of years, and the struggle that all families of the missing face. I still hope and pray everyday for some information on Ryan and for the other families of missing to one day have closure.
It is a difficult time for many over the festive period, and the addition of Covid has made this even more so. I feel empty some days and saddened for those who have no one to turn to, especially now. 2020 has brought many new challenges to our world and for those who seek answers. Far too many individuals are reported missing every day, and I see that here on Ryan’s page as well as posters, signs and other social media platforms from across the world. These families, like ours are desperate for some clue as to what happened. Some may go away voluntarily, while most do not.
I came across a FB group here in the UK that 170,000+ people have signed up for to bring Christmas cheer to everyone around the world. On Christmas eve, at 6pm local time, they are asking people to stand on their doorsteps and ring bells for 2 minutes to help Santa spread his Christmas cheer. I will be out there ringing my bells, not for Santa, but for those missing people. I want them to hear a sound of hope, the sound of love, the sound of festive times and cheer. They deserve that, and perhaps they can hear us and know that they are never forgotten.

Ryan, you will always be loved by many and will never be forgotten. I hope you can hear us ringing our bells and know that we miss you terribly and think of you daily.”

Kevin Warren