My very first job, at 16, was a short order cook on the air force base.

I think it is fair to say I do okay in the kitchen. Mind you, I have decided to scale back in that area. After all when you reach a level of perfection, it is only right to yield the way to others especially Scott.


Pastries elude me. Oh I love to eat them. Making them is another story. The look, structure and texture is like a foreign language I cannot possible understand.

So when you don’t know buy!

Or under pressure, you allow Dennis Chin to “teach” you the art of sticky buns.

He is so bossy. I won’t lie. I usually half do things and “watch” the other half. Then truth be told, I pass it off as completely mine.

Dennis does not operate that way. Suddenly, I am the grasshopper and he was the master.

Again.. bossy.

But like every Hallmark Holiday movie, a miracle happened.

I created the lightest most flakiest, most delicious sticky buns in Beaumont. Nay the world!!!!

I am a culinary genius.

Let’s not make a big deal about it.