Families are complicated, messy and founded in love. Whether you classify yours as a tribe, a clan or your relations, we are all born into this network of ancestral descendants. Bound together with blood and history, we love and we quarrel.

Friendships are these extraordinary unique bonds that we seek to create. Their fascination comes from the fact that we get to choose them.

If you are lucky, you will find yourself loved so completely by both.

That is my blessing.

I am grateful for all that I have.

I seek gratitude for my family. We are crazy, noisy and sarcastic but we love with a ferocity that is unparalleled. Ryan, my love, you are never far from our thoughts. Always a toast to you infused with all the love that we can muster.

I acknowledge the incredible blessings of my friends. That you love me through my sorrow is amazing. That you comfort me with no words is astounding. That you make me laugh is my saving grace. Without each of you, I would have no strength.

I am filled with abundance.

I am grateful.

“Appreciation can change a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary.” – Margaret Cousins