Ryan John Marcus Shtuka

147 days.

4 months 27 days
21 weeks.

3528 hours.

211, 680 minutes.

All of them interminable. Unbearable to the ones left behind. Ceaseless to the countless who search, share and pray.

Why do we continue? Because he has value. He is loved. He is so deeply missed.

He is my son. But he could have been your brother, nephew, cousin grandson, or friend. We search because everyone deserves to be found.


To find out how you can help go to: www.ryanshtuka.com

*** removed from Facebook. They said it went against their community standards***

It is now 21 months since Ryan went missing. Too many days, far too many nights. Each day I find I miss him more. Each day I find myself tormented by the what if’s.

Don’t let this beautiful boy be forgotten.