The world can be a harsh and treacherous place. A steady stream of injustice fills our eyes and hardens our hearts; stories comprising of the misbegotten, the disenfranchised and the hopeless, is it any wonder that we find it so difficult to feel our humanity?

I suppose if that is all you are shown and all that you experience, it will be all that you know.

“My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together. “ ~ Desmond Tutu

I am changed.

Each day I am reminded that I swim against the current, weary of the hurt I feel and the terror of the unknown that threatens to drown me despite the shallowness of the stream.

But I am not broken.

For I have been shown what it is that we are capable of. I have seen the best of humanity in the faces of complete strangers. I am embraced by the beauty of kindness from living angels that bear courage and character through their selfless actions.

People who have gathered to continue the search for my son. Strangers that traveled far and wide to provide support to a grieving family and then take it upon themselves to continue acts of gratitude to their neighbors and their communities.

Humanity is nothing more than an openness to build a better world. Small acts build beautiful connections that lead to a change in the human spirit. A tiny voice of love and peace that echos in the stillness of our hearts.

I am grateful to everyone that adds to my humanity.

I am not without hope.