“When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers “ tis near Halloween.” ~ unknown

Let me explain the kind of mother I am at Halloween. I don’t remember the decorations I have until usually the day before. I know I have lots of spooky ghosts and terrifying goblins, I just never put them back in the same place. Each year, it is an exercise in patience to find the new storage place. Why I choose to scatter them as well, I will never know. I buy candy the day of. Now this, I feel is genius. Chocolate is my downfall so I try to delay the inevitable. No one can run that fast or long to burn those calories. But I love to dress up. I enjoyed watching my kids dress up. I loved the artistry that only children can imagine and try to bring to life.

It is the ultimate decision of what to be that can take weeks. Back and forth. Consultations with friends.

It all comes down to the final reveal.

And that’s just me!!

Ryan’s brotherly advice to Julianna, “ Be clever or be scary or don’t be anything.” Hmmmm, I will say he must have discovered that after years of kitty cats and dinosaurs.

Last year housebound, I sat and watched my parents hand out candy.

After awhile I began to hear the short screams of little ones outside my door.

I lied. I don’t really have scary ghosts or goblins. I am more of a scarecrow and gravestones kinda girl. Simplistic but totally in keeping with the theme.

So it came as a surprise that anyone under the age of 8 would find my house foreboding and scary.

Yet the screams continued.

I hobbled over to the door. Everything looked boring, serene and super basic.

Except in the driveway, I see a tall creature on stilts standing still. An unmoving fixture. On my doorstep, in the corner sits a werewolf. Motionless.

Until a costume clad child comes up to the door.

The stilted creature jolts, with reaching arms, blocking the way, forcing the wary trick or treater forward.

As they approach the door, my son growls menacingly as he slowly rises to his feet.

Thanks to Gage and Ryan, I was left with quite a bit of leftover candy.

I can’t say I was mad. In fact, I was incredibly generous and shared the bounty.

It is these moments that I treasure.

Happy Halloween