Ryan could run like the wind.

It was as if his feet weren’t tethered to this world nor bound by it’s limitations. Watching him was like poetry in motion.

He discovered rugby late in high school but like all sports that centered around running, he excelled at it.
He loved the camaraderie of the team sport, the reliance that comes from each member; to persevere and excel. He had the opportunity to thrive under great leaders in the hopes to one day become one.

Tonight we were honoured to present the Ryan Shtuka Rugby Leadership Awards. Thanks to The Avery Linton Legacy Foundation Golf tournament and Patrick Kehdy from the Canadian Brewhouse that donated two $500.00 scholarships. These citizenship awards will be presented annually to one graduating male and one graduating female, who are active on the school rugby team.

The Criteria:

The recipient of a scholarship should:

· lead by example both on and off the field
· cultivate camaraderie amongst teammates
· demonstrate selflessness
· be a kind-hearted person of conviction
· be a person that excels at athletics

Congratulations to this years recipients:

Saveena Giesbrecht

Alex McCartney-Padilla