Some people love roller coasters.

The death defying heights, the adrenaline rush and spine tingling unease that comes with heart stopping speed. Full of steep curves, unpredictable and extreme in nature, it brings about feelings of exhilaration and incredible fear.

Others find comfort and joy in the Merry Go Round. Intricately designed, handcrafted with such attention to detail, gentle with each rise and fall, it is a ride that is timeless and classic. The pace at which you travel may seem slow to some but it gives you the opportunity to enjoy your surroundings.

Scott, you have made life with you the perfect combination of both.

Happy anniversary to the man who has loved me through all my imperfections.

Happy Anniversary to a man that will always carry the weight of his children upon his shoulders even when it is clear that they can walk on their own.

Happy Anniversary to my carousel horse, strong and steady. With the roller coaster, we find ourselves in, I find peace, love and grace with you by my side.