I find that I don’t hunch my shoulders in Sun Peaks.

I am able to walk tall. After all, we have been together since the beginning. This community has watched as we walked in desperation, our eyes hollow and shattered. They have seen us slowly shake off the chains of inability and grief to focus on the task at hand. They have embraced us through our tears and our laughter.

If our anniversary is to be a reflection of love and hope, it is no wonder we felt at peace in this adopted home of ours.

To all the volunteers that came up both days to search, we thank you. You still believe.

To Hayley Dublyew and her amazing crew of meal train volunteers, we send our appreciation. It was a welcome sight to come back to lunches and sweet treats.

To the Cahilty Lodge who graciously offered their conference room for the weekend, you cannot know how wonderful it was to come in out of the rain and cold.

And of course, no anniversary can be complete without a romantic dinner. Scott being the charmer, made sure he booked at one of my favorite restaurants; Voyageur Bistro.

People often ask how I feel about Sun Peaks. I know without a doubt, the people we have met have become such a huge part of our new lives. There will never be a equal balance to tally our loss vs our gains. That is certain but perhaps life has a way of continually adding so that you are able to bear your new world. And for that I am grateful.