13 years ago as we waited for the birth of our last child; a girl, we all made a wish. From her mother, I wished that she would be beautiful and kind. Her father, closed his eyes and wished that his daughter would be intelligent and loving. One by one, this little girl’s family collectively expressed their own desires upon this unborn child. May she be charming, good natured and funny.

At last, late in the afternoon, the gentle cries of a baby girl could be heard. As she was placed in the arms of her mother, she opened her eyes to the world. I knew then that our wishes had been granted. But I did not know that her fairy godmothers were also present to bestow gifts of their own.

Strength: to stand anchored in the wind while it blows about her. Resilience: to know that many things are temporary and to try to find the good wherever it may be.
Courage: to be herself when the world wants her to be something else. Thoughtful: To show kindness and love even in her darkest days.

She was born a warrior child.

I know that wherever Ryan is, he is wishing “the baby” the best birthday.

I love you sweet girl.


All and all, Julianna had a pretty awesome birthday. Not all wishes come true but she felt the love of so many.

Homemade waffles in the morning.

A flower delivery from the amazing unicorn squad. ( to say she was amazed and delighted doesn’t even capture the emotions)

13 presents for a 13 year old from someone who just might love Julianna as much as we do: Nancy McInnis Allen.

And Finally dinner at Vivo.

She was spoiled and loved. And shouldn’t everyone feel that way?